Sunday, February 11, 2007

Rainy Night

When dark clouds appeared

I slammed my doors

They never rained, I knew always

But I heard it tapping heavier

On my roof and on my windowpane

I thought it would fade away

As it happened always in past

But she continued drumming outside

Like a lonely street performer

Oh! It is the same old monsoon beats,

My body whispered

Still I dithered, but she went on

Breaking open my window glass

Swiftly she came inside swathing me

Her breath I heard

Its warmth I felt behind

I wet, drenched and drowned in her

Finding solace behind her scented mane

When she hugged and kissed me deep

Wordless I became, and I wept

I wept and sobbed, cuddling her deep…


I woke up fumbling on my bed for her

Oh it was a dream, I thought…

In the morning but I have seen

A beautiful rainbow

Through my broken window pane

And found myself smelling rain!

my poem 11.02.2007

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