Friday, March 18, 2011

What is so biological about our body? Part 1

"I'd rather be a Cyborg than a goddess": Donna Haraway 

Dear Friends,
Let me quote a news report that appeared in Times of India day before yesterday. I think this news reveals how we have been rapidly  transcending the boundaries set by biology. Corporeality is no more biological and natural; It is a 'rhizomatic assemblage' (thanks to Deleuze and Guattari)  curiously mixing up human and nonhuman, natural and artificial.  We have lost our divinity and we are no more creations of god. We are impure. We are blessed to be cyborgs emerging from the shackles of capitalist world orders. But still why we fail to coexist with a python? Why do we become toxic and lethal to our friends? 
What do you think about it?  
(Let me thank my friend Dr Krishnakumar Vijayan for inviting my attention to this news report.)

Snake bites model's bust, dies of silicon poisoning
Times of India; ANI | Mar 16, 2011, 04.50am IST

LONDON: A snake attacked an Israeli model during a sexy photoshoot by biting into her surgically enhanced breast and later died from silicone poisoning.
Orit Fox, a B-list model and actress initially looked comfortable during the shoot in Tel Aviv, wrapping the massive boa constrictor around her legs, waist and neck while doing her best to look sexy, reports the Daily Mail.
In a figure hugging red and white striped dress, which revealed maximum cleavage, she gamely tried to take their bonding to the next level by licking the snake's face. As she manoeuvered the animal into position for the 'kiss' Fox loosened her grip on its neck, and after being licked the reptile reacted angrily.
It aimed straight for Fox's prized assets and sunk its teeth deep into her left breast. An assistant rushed in to help her pull the snake off and after a few seconds of struggle the creature released its grip. The peroxide-blonde model was rushed to a nearby hospital and given a tetanus shot. However, the snake wasn't so lucky and died from silicone poisoning.
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